Acoustix ft Letters To Daisy

Date: 14th May 2014
Doors: 8:00 PM

Get an acoustic fix of original material from some of the area’s developing artists and accomplished performers.

Letters To Daisy started life when Sofie Hewson asked Richard Hawkin to sing a Johnny Cash duet with her for a college assignment and two like minded musicians were inadvertently brought together.

Their musical empathy quickly evolved into a special songwriting partnership, and realising the potential, Richard swiftly roped in drummer housemate Rob Austen.

With the musical energy in place, bassist James Stephens was brought in and the Letters to Daisy line up was complete.

Now with their music played on BBC, and a full calendar of gigs, this band is marching forward at a great pace.
Kev Osman is a thinker, and when he’s not thinking, he’s writing songs.

Whether or not the act of song writing requires conscious thought is open to debate of course, and one gets the feeling Osman would happily discuss this with you until the early hours of the morning, along with life, the universe and the current shortage of bees.

It is this concerned curiosity that provides the substance behind Osman’s simplistic yet emotive works. Works which have won songwriting awards and critical acclaim alike.

Mercury prize nominee Johnny Bramwell described him as “a master of lyrical phrasing” while Ivor Novello winner Boo Hewerdine declared Osman’s song ‘Square One’ as the greatest of its year (excluding his own of course).

This understandably, could all be conceived as ‘blowing smoke’, but upon witnessing his live performance it makes perfect sense. It’s genuine, he really does care – and that, like laughter, is infectious.

Haslemere born and bred, Kelly Appleby’s voice will mesmerise, soothe and stun all at the same time. Her natural softness, accompanied by the classical range and volume take you on an expedition of your emotions with every performance.

It may, therefore, come as a surprise that Kelly did not start singing until her teens. However it will come as no surprise that she grew up with the immortal tones of Joni Mitchell, Phil Collins, and Etta James through her parent’s Hi-Fi. It wasn’t until she heard the operatic legend Maria Callas and the beautiful voice of Barbara Bonney though, that she decided she wanted to begin classical training.

‘Once I found the confidence to sing as a soloist it was as though I could finally express blasts of emotion.’

A naturally shy character, Kelly was never one to share how she felt openly and singing provided an opportunity to exert this emotion through other people’s words and music. ‘Being able to replicate how passionately they felt about something was such an incredible release.’

Kelly, 29, still remembers stealing her sister’s Alanis Morrisette album whenever she was out. ‘Although I was way too young to empathise with the content, I knew that she meant every word and that in itself was enough.’

Five years on and she began to explore a different side to her voice. Influenced by the likes of Alanis Morrisette, Nina Simone and Emeli Sandé, Kelly hopes her music will distract those listening from reality, if only for a moment.

‘We all live such frantic lives, accessible to people at every turn, music seems to be one area that makes us stop and let all of that fall away. If anyone listening to my performances can simply escape for a split second then I have done my job’.

Joe Booley is a 17 year old musician from Bordon who has been performing his original songs on the local venue circuit for the last 2 years.

After playing in rock/punk bands for a few years he then started to find his home in playing folk/acoustic music.

He has released his Debut EP ‘RAW’ along with 3 singles as well as supporting acts such as Jazz Morley, House of Hats, Ruarri Joseph and Mike Dawes (on his world tour). Joe hopes to start work on his 2nd EP in the coming months.

Letters To Daisy
Kev Osman
Kelly Appleby
Joe Booley


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